Securus Technology Corrects Record Regarding GTL Press Release

Law enforcement technology provider Securus Technologies issued a response to its Global Tel Link’s (GTL) press release that was issued on June 7.


According to Securus, GTL’s press release was filled with inaccuracies and misleading information regarding the findings of a recent patent trial. “The information released by GTL was not done in good faith and Securus will continue to fight against the claims,” according to Securus CEO Rick Smith.


GTL made 7 allegations against Securus, which were corrected in the company’s response. Critics say that GTL’s press release is illogical and poorly timed. Securus has stated that the scorch earth tactics presented by GTL only further bolster the claims that they are a poorly run organization and corrupt.


Smith also stated that GTL was only releasing information that was favorable to them. “The are releasing bits and pieces of information. And most of that is blown out of proportion,” said Smith. He also issued a long-standing challenge to GTL where he will stack Securus’ technology against GTL’s.


Smith says he is just glad to set the record straight and let the facts speak for themselves.


Securus Technology is a Dallas-based criminal and civil justice security and technology provider. They provide services for over 3,000 institutions in North America.

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Securus Technologies

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