The Quincy – A New Brunswick Miracle Shares Space With Sodom And Gomorrah


New Brunswick N.J. is well know for a sharply rising poverty rate with a decreasing income. However, New Brunswick is the home of the Quincy, one of the most exclusive new apartment complexes in New Jersey, near the center of historical New Brunswick. The luxury of the Quincy, with the back drop of poverty, is a sign of hope for the development of New Brunswick.


The amenities complement the luxury living which includes an upscale fitness center, bike room, pet spa, yoga facility, a doggie gym with its park, grilling facilities, coffee bar, roof top pool and ample garage space. The layout of the apartments,

ranging from studios to two bedrooms, compliment the view of the historic district, with its bay windows, wood floors, stainless steel, and quartz kitchen.


The Quincy shares space with the Financial and Arts District of New Brunswick. The Quincy is within walking of the New Jersey Transit and its entertainment area of restaurants and shops.


The Quincy Apartment complex is within shouting distance of New Brunswick’s crime area which contains crimes with guns, theft, and injuries with in an with inadequate security.


The crime rate has been punctuated by the May 7, 2013, incident in the Northern building, with over two hundred units, at Quincy Circle. A pizza delivery man was called to the Quincy to deliver a pizza. However, after speaking with residents, they denied calling for the pizza.


The man returned to his car with the undelivered pizza and three armed men were present. The men took the pizza, robbed and shot him. The suspect was found after the police received a telephone tip, and was charged with giving false information, obstruction of justice and an unlawful possession of a gun. Another gunshot victim was found, who was treated at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.


Another incident, at the Quincy, occurred on October 7, 2015. One person was shot, by a local gangster. In this incident, there were four shootings. The police found bullets during their investigation.


These incidents are a reminder that luxury apartments may change the look of a neighbor hood but do not change the quality of the neighbors who do not report crimes to the police.