When Government Invades Wikipedia

It is common knowledge that Wikipedia tracks edits made on their pages publically. But then, a few years ago, software developer Ed Summers developed an automated bot. The automated bot is connected to Twitter account @congress-edits. Twitter account @congress-edits is alerted every time that someone will anonymously edit a Wikipedia page from a congressional computer.

One edit that @congress-edits tracked happened on the Wikipedia article on Tim Huelskamp. Huelskamp is a Kansas Republican, who managed to anger the Republican leadership. @congress-edits noted that Huelskamp’s Wikipedia page was edited anonymously from a congressional computer to include the words “National Conservative Leader” on his Wikipedia profile.

It is certainly worrying and bizarre for Twitter to track anonymous Wikipedia edits. One reason for this is to create transparency in the American government. In fact, @congress-edits is one of the first accounts created in an attempt to publicly track the internal activity of the government. Other accounts have been created to track the internal activity of the government in countries such as the United Kingdom and Chile.

Anyone who wants to create a similar script to the one originated by software developer Ed Summers can download the code found on the @congress-edits twitter page.

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