EOS Lip Balm Becomes a Leader

EOS has become a champion in the lip balm industry, and this is no easy task. The competition is very strong, and it appears to be getting stronger as Chapstick attempts to make a comeback.

For the longest time Chapstick was the one that was leading the lip balm race. It appeared to be the leader that would set the trends for everyone else that had any stakes in the lip balm game. As time progressed however, it became obvious that the Evolution of Smooth was growing in a major way. Much of this growth has a lot to do with the way that this company has been marketed. There is a very interesting marketing concept for the packaging, and there’s even planning that is link to the way the container is opened. The sound of the container has even been sorted out in the marketing process, see this site.

Evolution of Smooth has founders in place that have managed to see the void and make an attempt to fill it. Many women have complained that they often lose lip balm containers that were into tube shaped containers because these products are so small. What the founders of EOS would do was totally change the way that the lip balm container looked. This would be an interesting thing because it would actually show more people that there was a better way to keep up with the lip balm. The container was bigger and it was colorful. These would be the things that would make these containers much more visible. Shop here, amazon.ca.

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Few women are going to have complaints about losing containers of this size. That is one of the reasons that people are going to be interested in buying the EOS containers. This is the evolution of lip balm as we know it.

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