How Jim Tananbaum Is Revolutionizing Research In Medicine

Jim Tananbaum believes that healthcare growth is a not-so-much understood topic. He explains that most people underestimate its requirements in capitalism. According to the Foresite Capital CEO, investing in healthcare can potentially yield longstanding worthwhile results. Jim set up Foresite in 2011 to address the case of under-financed medical projects with promising results. The firm identifies promising leaders in healthcare, such as startup companies and budding projects and helps them progress their mission by providing funds, information and a networking platform.

He revealed to IdeaMensch that his primary goal in starting Foresite was to tap into the unexplored world of science and output revolutionary medical solutions. Jim understands that by taking care of the pressing issues such as money and exposure, scientists are left with adequate time and energy to focus on their practice. His company employs expertise in spotting qualified candidates and setting up a strategy that will benefit the movement. Since its inception, Foresite has overseen the successful management of 77 firms in genomic sequencing, medicine, biopharmaceuticals, and diagnostics. The company has specifically dealt with Aimmune Therapeutics, Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Intarcia Therapeutics and 10x Genomics.

Jim manifests ideas with the contributions of the competent staff of Foresite. He believes that involving competent leaders with vision in his business is the key to landing new deals and ultimately helping society. Apart from teamwork, he values executing his daily tasks with precision and inputs an hour of physical workout in between the day to keep his energy levels up to par. Jim has innate passion in academic endeavors and continually seeks the counsel of professors and scientists in business transactions. On a typical day, Jim attends meetings, discusses emerging ideas and networks in a forum of healthcare leaders.

As much as Jim understands the scope of integrating expert opinions and skills into his work, he knows how to draw a line to follow his gut as CEO of Foresite. Jim explains that he honed the craft after a tumultuous experience which saw him lose out on promising investments. After leaving the group that slowed down his progress, Jim began his solo career in health care investments and has reached milestones with endurance and intelligence. More details can be found on Crunchbase.