EOS Lip Balm Becomes a Leader

EOS has become a champion in the lip balm industry, and this is no easy task. The competition is very strong, and it appears to be getting stronger as Chapstick attempts to make a comeback.

For the longest time Chapstick was the one that was leading the lip balm race. It appeared to be the leader that would set the trends for everyone else that had any stakes in the lip balm game. As time progressed however, it became obvious that the Evolution of Smooth was growing in a major way. Much of this growth has a lot to do with the way that this company has been marketed. There is a very interesting marketing concept for the packaging, and there’s even planning that is link to the way the container is opened. The sound of the container has even been sorted out in the marketing process, see this site.

Evolution of Smooth has founders in place that have managed to see the void and make an attempt to fill it. Many women have complained that they often lose lip balm containers that were into tube shaped containers because these products are so small. What the founders of EOS would do was totally change the way that the lip balm container looked. This would be an interesting thing because it would actually show more people that there was a better way to keep up with the lip balm. The container was bigger and it was colorful. These would be the things that would make these containers much more visible. Shop here, amazon.ca.

Hop over to this site for more stories, http://www.frenchtribune.com/teneur/25365-eos-lip-balm-secret-mastering-french-girl-beauty.

Few women are going to have complaints about losing containers of this size. That is one of the reasons that people are going to be interested in buying the EOS containers. This is the evolution of lip balm as we know it.

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How Julia Jackson Successfully Speaks For Jackson Family Wines

Jackson Family Wines is a vintner in the Sonoma Valley of California. It is owned by Barbara Banke who has been in the wine business for many years. Her daughter, Julia Jackson, is the spokesperson for the company and has made many appearances in support of the brand. Julia grew up in the wine business and is a very knowledgeable source of information on how to make wine and how to pair it with food.

Julia Jackson has a degree in studio art that she earned at Scripps College in Claremont, California. In 2010 she also earned a certificate in general management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. As the spokesperson of Jackson Family Wines, Julia has said that her company doesn’t chase short term trends and doesn’t target specific demographics. Instead, they make wines that stand the test of time that are made through hard work and traditional methods of wine making.

According to Julia, Sonoma is home to the best place in the world to grow Cabernets. Three of their popular wines are Cabernet’s blended with other wines. These wines have garnered respect among wine critics including Robert Parker who has given them perfect scores over nine times in the last several years. The flagship wine of Jackson Family Wines is Vérité which has been available in the United States for almost 20 years and was introduced in the United Kingdom to critical acclaim in 2015.

Learn more: https://theatlanta100.com/food/2015/10/21/warrior-women-of-wine

In 2014, Julia Jackson established Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. This is a nonprofit organization that was established to celebrate women and their accomplishments. Every year she donated $100,000 through this nonprofit which gives cash grants to other organizations that share similar ideals. As she points out, even the wine business is dominated by men. The nonprofit was created to celebrate those women who succeed in business while maintaining their authenticity.

End Citizens United, a Visionary Organization that Champions for the Campaign Reforms

End Citizens United recently made it public that its members raised about $200,000 to support Rob Quist’s campaign. It was reported that on an average, its members contributed about $16 each. Rob received the endorsement in April 2017 for the MT-AL election. He was also supported because he is thought to be an independent minded person and the appropriate candidate for Montana.


End Citizens United supports Rob Quist’s campaign


Rob’s opponent Greg Gianforte, on the other hand, revealed that he would not take up PAC’s money. His confession was an indication of breaking the finance law that led to the withdrawal of funding. According to the news, Grey was left dependent on the money from special interest groups to fund his campaign. Rob has since continued to gain popularity among the voters after Greg was caught on tape explaining how he plans to support a bill that would act to take away healthcare from millions of Americans.


Following this shocking revelation, Rob received a $550,000 round of funding in just a few days. End Citizens United is among the organizations that are impressed by Rob’s policies and has endorsed his bid for Congress. End Citizens United in collaboration with members, donors, and local volunteers in Montana plan to support Rob to win the election. Greg was sued after violating an FEC’s rules that saw him raise funds through his joint fundraising committee. He also broke the promise he made to his electorates about accepting money from PAC.


End Citizens’ United projects to raise $35 million by 2018


End Citizens United has been keen on raising money ever since it was formed. In the first quarter of this year, End Citizens United was able to collect about $4 million. This organization is aiming at raising about $35 million before the 2018 Congress midterm elections. These plans are in line with the reports provided by USA TODAY. President Tiffany Muller said that End Citizens United has since received $40,000 from more than 100,000 new members. According to the senior officials, this money will be used to fund the campaigns of leaders who are backing campaign reforms. Since the year began, PAC has been able to raise $12 million. Among the things that have fueled the raising of the money is the election of President Donald Trump.


End Citizens United has played a significant role urging its members to raise $500,000 to support Jon Ossoff, a politician from Georgia. Ossoff has become famous among the electorates, and he has since been able to raise about $4 million. Muller revealed that End Citizens United is carefully examining the 2018 political trends to plan on whom to endorse. Among the politicians on their top list are Jon Tester and Sherrod Brown of Montana and Ohio respectively. End Citizens United is governed by strict policies that dictate that they can never accept more than $5,000 from one particular person.



Advantages of Clearabee Rubbish Removal

No one can be truly happy in a dirty environment. That said, please note that both home environments and office spaces need to be kept neat and tidy. Waste material and useless objects only serve to cluster space and ultimately distract peace of mind and the sanctity of creativity and leisure. Dirt is simply detrimental to productivity.

The only way to de-cluster an environment of habitation or production is to rid off it of-of its waste completely. Collecting waste to one specific area of the same environment doesn’t really achieve the objective. The waste should be collected and transported to dumpsters. Some people prefer doing it on their own. Others get professionals like Clearabee to do it.

The decision to collect and transport one’s waste to dumpsters suggests irrational decision making. Rational has it that any homeowner or office manager would contract the experts to perform such tasks for various reasons including;

  • The cost of hiring garbage containers and fuel is hire than that of hiring professionals like Clearabee
  • Experts are more efficient and will leave nothing behind since they can pack more refuse into a fixed space than inexperienced people
  • Experts handle refuse better since they are more adequately equipped and skilled. Injuries and exposure to toxic substances is less probable for them than for rookies

All British nationals who own home or rent office spaces need to reap the fleshy and juicy fruits of contracting Clearabee to collect and dispose of their refuse. By just booking an attendance, your disposal needs will get tended to on the same day.

Clearabee is an in-house rubbish removal company that operates like a man and van service. It was founded in the year 2012 and has its headquarters in Birmingham, serving the company with their rubbish clearance services. Accredited by the Living Wage Foundation, the private company has 15 additional rubbish clearance locations throughout the Great Britain.

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How Jim Tananbaum Is Revolutionizing Research In Medicine

Jim Tananbaum believes that healthcare growth is a not-so-much understood topic. He explains that most people underestimate its requirements in capitalism. According to the Foresite Capital CEO, investing in healthcare can potentially yield longstanding worthwhile results. Jim set up Foresite in 2011 to address the case of under-financed medical projects with promising results. The firm identifies promising leaders in healthcare, such as startup companies and budding projects and helps them progress their mission by providing funds, information and a networking platform.

He revealed to IdeaMensch that his primary goal in starting Foresite was to tap into the unexplored world of science and output revolutionary medical solutions. Jim understands that by taking care of the pressing issues such as money and exposure, scientists are left with adequate time and energy to focus on their practice. His company employs expertise in spotting qualified candidates and setting up a strategy that will benefit the movement. Since its inception, Foresite has overseen the successful management of 77 firms in genomic sequencing, medicine, biopharmaceuticals, and diagnostics. The company has specifically dealt with Aimmune Therapeutics, Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Intarcia Therapeutics and 10x Genomics.

Jim manifests ideas with the contributions of the competent staff of Foresite. He believes that involving competent leaders with vision in his business is the key to landing new deals and ultimately helping society. Apart from teamwork, he values executing his daily tasks with precision and inputs an hour of physical workout in between the day to keep his energy levels up to par. Jim has innate passion in academic endeavors and continually seeks the counsel of professors and scientists in business transactions. On a typical day, Jim attends meetings, discusses emerging ideas and networks in a forum of healthcare leaders.

As much as Jim understands the scope of integrating expert opinions and skills into his work, he knows how to draw a line to follow his gut as CEO of Foresite. Jim explains that he honed the craft after a tumultuous experience which saw him lose out on promising investments. After leaving the group that slowed down his progress, Jim began his solo career in health care investments and has reached milestones with endurance and intelligence. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Ref; https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-tananbaum-a7562a7/

Why Brian Bonar is a True Leader in Finance

The world of finance has always sparked a lot of interest and curiosity but most importantly, it’s about finding out who the real leaders are in the marketplace to watch. When the movie The Wolf of Wallstreet rolled out, millions were talking about the film and the portrayal of what it was like to work in the industry and amongst each other in top financial positions.

Brian Bonar is the exception, the leader of Trucept, Bonar has an extensive leadership background. His company, Dalrada Financial Corporation, founded in 1982, focuses on managing important issues as they relate to employees, their benefits and the administration behind it all.

There are numerous products that deliver capital and protection to the company, additionally they are helping big and small corporations find their way through red tape, and find viable solutions for increasing their bottom line while supporting the company and the employees with everything they need. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://xrepublic.net/2016/08/29/successful-entrepreneur-brian-bonar-continues-to-make-history/

Bonar has an extensive background in finance, and having served in a leadership position for many years, Brian Bonar also calls upon his background in education to help him grow benefits and aid in helping companies become stronger financially.

Having worked for IBM, Bonar was a procurement manager, giving him the training he needed to excel and do much more for companies than help them make money.

The management of assets and other funds are just as important, and having managed over 100 people while working with QMS, Bonar was able to hold his position with substantial success. Brian Bonar has continued to develop as a strong manager and investor in all companies he works with because of his dedication to learning specialty markets.

Bonar continues to work with mergers and acquisitions today and has what many refer to as the creative power of an architect. Brian is also an avid golfer and a dedicated family man, spending time with his wife and children as much as he can outside of the office.

What Happens When You Switch To WEN Cleansing Conditioner

For decades, women have been using commercial shampoo and conditioner products as part of their daily beauty routine. While these products promise to keep hair shiny and healthy, they fail to deliver because of the harsh chemicals that they contain.

For example, most commercial shampoos use sodium lauryl sulfate as the leading ingredient. This chemical allows shampoo to transform from liquid into rich foam. The problem is that sodium lauryl sulfate also strips hair of its natural oils thanks to its aggressive nature.

Emily McClure from bustle.com had tried just about every hair care product on the market in an effort to give her limp and dull hair volume and luster. She had almost given up on achieving the hair of her dreams when she saw a commercial for WEN Cleansing Conditioner.

Unlike commercial hair care products that damage delicate strands, WEN Cleansing Conditioner uses a unique formula that is composed exclusively of plant-based ingredients. Instead of stripping hair’s natural oils, WEN nourishes each strand with botanical nutrients.

Emily picked up a bottle of WEN Cleansing Conditioner from her local Guthy-Renker beauty supply store and decided to use it every day for one week to test it out. To monitor her hair’s transformation, she kept a daily hair journal.

After applying WEN for the first time, Emily immediately saw a change. Her hair was noticeably thicker and had a level of shine that she had never seen before. Excited, Emily continued to apply WEN to her hair daily in the shower.

After each application, Emily’s hair improved dramatically. By the end of the week, Emily had managed to achieve the full and luscious hair that she had always wanted. Even her friends complimented her on her gorgeous tresses. http://www.qvc.com/beauty/wen/_/N-rhtyZ1z141dz/c.html

It’s safe to say that WEN Cleansing Conditioner’s innovative plant-based formula is capable of transforming hair dramatically within one week.

For more info, please visit Wen.com.

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Wild Ark

Wildlife conservation is a very important cause that is often overlooked by the vast majority of people. Even though humans lived at one with nature for millions of years in just the last couple hundred years humanity has distanced itself more and more from the wild. The number of endangered animal and plant species it alarming to say the least. The way wildlife is being destroyed in just a few hundred years from now our whole planet may be covered in cement and asphalt. The worst part of it all is that most people could care less. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason mankind has become so detached from nature.


With all this being said, millions of people travel to wildlife rich destinations every year. Most of which are eco-conscious conservation centers. Sadly, most travelers just see the trips as fun adventures and head back home with no intent to aid in wildlfe conservation efforts.


Conservation centers like Wild Ark have noticed this and are determined to change that. The center aims to not only provide travelers with a fun and exciting trip, but also educate them about the movement for the wild in a hope to inspire more people to aid in protecting what’s left of the wild.


Wild Ark travel promises to deliver on it’s promise of an exciting and fun providing a one of a kind travel experience. The conservation center has wildlife destinations located in some of the world’s wildest places known to man.


Travelers can become closer to nature hiking and camping in the warm climate of the South African wilderness or fly-fishing in the cool air of the Alaskan wilderness.


Some may be skeptical at first but once in the thick of things, usually all skepticism fades and they are free to truly enjoy a great experience they’ll be talking about for years to come.


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The Traveling Vineyard Looks To Bring Success To Every Wine Guide

Almost everybody wants to find the perfect job that allows the opportunity to do something that is loved and with The Traveling Vineyard that opportunity has been made available with a role as a Wine Guide. Wine is a growing market in the U.S. as increasing numbers of consumers are being turned on to a new area of enjoyment in food and drinks; The Traveling Vineyard is looking to expand on this growing sector with a range of opportunities for every Wine Guide who can build a career or add a little extra money to their life with as little hassle as possible.

The Traveling Vineyard offers a range of benefits and options for every Wine Guide to enjoy, including an extensive range of training materials available Online and using food and drinks to learn about the nature of wine tasting. Alongside the skills learned in wine tasting each Wine Guide has the chance to work with an experienced member of The Traveling Vineyard team in their local area to get the benefit of their wine tasting experience, which can help a Guide avoid making some of the early mistakes that can be seen in any new position.

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What each person considering being a Wine Guide wants to know is how much money can be made from life working with The Traveling Vineyard. Around 35 percent of sales can be earned as a commission with a sliding scale used to assist a Guide in understanding how much commission they will receive from any sales made; as with all business options the bigger the sales completed the more commission made by the individual Guide. The Traveling Vineyard also rewards each Guide for their work by offering targets that can be reached and annual harvest events to reward those who have performed at the highest levels of sales for the company.

Meet Lime Crime’s Doe Deere, Beauty’s Unicorn Queen

Doe Deere, the founder and creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics is arguably one of the most gifted, innovative creators and quickly rising stars in the world of cosmetics. From her humble beginnings in her native land Russia, to her magnificent and meteoric rise to Internet fame in New York, when her amateur makeup line went viral, garnering her millions of adoring fans that rightfully catapulted Lime Crime to the top of the cosmetics industry, Doe Deere has proven herself time and time again as a force to be reconed with. Doe Deere, being the ultimate anomaly could cause you to overlook her validity in the world of cosmetics on paper, yet, it is quite easy to understand when you peek into her portfolio of exotic loose powders, lip shades and sparkly gloss why she is seen among the alternative, glam, punk communities as the Queen of Unicorns and why her contributions to the world of cosmetics and fashion have some labeling her amongst the brightest and forward thinking creators the world.


Unfortunately, whenever you observe any mainstream cosmetics companies selection, one of the most prominent color themes that you will find is that of muted tones. You will notice how the majority of all makeup is either muave, tan, taupe, creme or a very close relative. In the traditional community of cosmetics, you will very rarely see any of the type of exotic, neon inspired textures and pallets that dominate the Lime Crime portfolio. When comparing Doe Deere’s Lime Crime cosmetics those of the old guard, you will quickly discover that some people wear makeup to conceal flaws while others see makeup as a source of creativity, self-expression and inspiration. During the traditional makeup industries practices vs Lime Crimes practices, It’s easy to see how Doe Deere and her Lime Crime completely promotes the agenda of her fans.


When you think of how simple the idea is of adding neon pigment to traditional eyeshadows and lipsticks, the genius of Doe Deere and her Lime Crime Cosmetics can very easily be overlooked, yet Deere was smart enough to recognize that certain rules of the status quo had to be challenged in order for something as exotic as eyeshadow or purple lipstick to be seen as amongst the norm, so her developing a line around these exotic colors began as a a passion project that she expected to go nowhere, yet, once her art college friends fell in love with her makeup line, Doe Deere and Lime Crime Cosmetics found themselves going viral.


Read further at https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/.