Kevin Seawright Leadership Achievements

Kevin Seawright is a financial and administrative leader. His greatest achievement is in his ability to build strategies to achieve new business opportunities. Kevin mostly focuses on bettering the community. He is a resident of Newark in New Jersey and works at Tito contractors and Economic Development Corporation. Kevin started his career as a Financial Manager for government agencies. Through this, he gained thirteen years’ experience before he rose to the position of Chief Financial Officer and the Executive Vice President. Read more about Kevin Seawright at

The primary responsibilities for Kevin are to see that businesses remain in the city and also that real estate developers are encouraged to invest in the city. Kevin started working with the corporation on May 19th, 2015 as the newest member. Kevin has seen the growth of this corporation by employing strategies that have delivered results and improved the financial performance of the corporation. Since he joined the corporation, he has achieved many things including revenue enhancement and solid human capital division. That has seen the increased staff retention. As a result, customer service delivery has improved drastically, thus enhancing company performance. Some of the main achievements of Kevin Seawright are promoting efficiency and reliability in accounting, improved facility management, improved human capital, intensified negotiations and operations among others.

Kevin has held several portfolios in the corporation and demonstrated professionalism all the positions held. He managed to develop and maintain products as well as aggressive teams. He also managed to build a positive relationship with the city, state, and the neighborhood associations.

Kevin earned himself many awards for achieving financial responsiveness. He was nominated as the Met Life recipient of the Bridges to the future award in 2010. He is a holder of MBA degree and also studying at the Mendoza School of Business for Executive Leadership. He has been a board member of the Babe Ruth Museum and a coach for Local Youth Sports team. Other portfolios held include the American Society for Public Administration among others.



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