Paul Mampilly – Templeton Foundation and fund management

Paul Mampilly began his wall street career in 1991. He worked for Bankers Trust as a assistant portfolio manager. He advanced rather quickly to managing multi-million dollar accounts at Deutsche Bank and ING. Paul was recruited by Kinetics Asset Management to help manage their hedge fund in 2006. Kinetics Asset Management was worth over $6 billion when they recruited Paul. Mr. Mampilly was able to grow their six billion dollar fund to over twenty five billion dollars. This earned Paul the title “Worlds Best” within the hedge fund managing industry. Visit for more info.


During the 2008-2009 financial crisis Paul Mampilly was invited to participate in a investment competition that was hosted by the Templeton Foundation. Paul was given a fifty million dollar starting investment. Within one years time Mr. Mampilly was able to turn that fifty million dollar investment into an eighty eight dollar investment. This is extremely phenomenal due to the fact that he turned such an investment during a financial crisis. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Paul Mampilly

In 2016 Paul mampilly became a senior editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. He specializes in helping main stream Americans with finding wealth in investments, special opportunities and technology. Paul also founded Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. This newsletter helps every day Americans learn how to make money on their investments. In 2017 Paul is launching a new research program called True Momentum. Paul decided to leave Wall Street and start helping main stream America because he felt asthough wall street did not help enough people. The focus on wall street was to help the upper one percent of investors. Paul wanted to shift his focus to teach regular people about investing so they could secure comfortable retirements and futures for themselves. He uses a portfolio tracker to keep an eye on stocks through out the day, this alerts him to any changes in the market so he can make his clients aware. Though Paul considers himself retired, he is simply retired from the hustle of wall street, he still works more then part time writing about stocks and investments for his readers and clients. Check:



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