Alexandre Gama Is Highly Reputable Advertising Expert

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Every business person or enterprise needs to advertise effectively, using the expert services of a reputable and reliable advertising professional or firm. With so many advertising and marketing consultants out there it can be tough identifying the right one for your project. You’ll want to choose an ad agency or consultant who has an established history of providing excellent service.

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United Technologies Former CEO and Chairman Louis Chenevert Builds a Legacy

Building a legacy is the best way to ensure you are remembered. Louis Chenevert understood that throughout his career as a businessman and worked hard to ensure that the company he led was both profitable and successful while he was running it, but also that it would remain that way in the future. Investing in your company and its future potential is how you create that legacy, and Chenevert invested in the technology that United Technologies needed and the people that could shape its future.

The products and designs that United Technologies are bringing to the market now were started decades ago, both in funding and through research. Without those early investments, the company would not be able to compete within the industry or place itself as a leader in innovation. Chenevert knew this and made it his mission to place the company at the forefront of change and standards that were above and beyond those set in place at the time of conception.

Chenevert’s background in production management, combined with an understanding of the fast pace of the aviation industry, kept him focused on the future growth of the company. Investing in both his legacy, and the company’s legacy, allowed for manufacturing to continue even when the economy was weak and other brands were downsizing. Extending the reach of those investments to the companies that it works directly with is also important to securing the future of the company. Any company can only grow as much as the people that it relies on.

That final concept was something that Chenevert used to help build the best legacy for United Technologies. By supporting employees and their futures, he established a way to ensure growth, innovation, and excellence. Through encouraging employees to continue pursuing knowledge and add to their talents the success of the company was created by the employees.

Jose Borghi: An Influential Advertiser

Jose Borghi is one of the influential and successful advertisers in Brazil. Jose is the founder of the Mullen Lowe Brazil advertising Company. The Company was established as BorghiErh Advertising Company, and the name later changed in 2015. Over the years, Jose has created different campaigns like the mammals of Parmalat. Jose was involved in the creation of the offline campaign for the Fini Company in 2017. Fini is part of the Group Sanchez Cano.

The rebranding of the Company’s name was as a result of the Mullen global announcement of reuniting the US Agency Mullen. They are the partners of the Global Lowe. The merger of the two Companies resulted to Mullen Lowe Group. Mullen Company plans to close and transfer all their company operations to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and more information click here.

There will also be a change in management. Jose Borghi is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. He will be working in partnership with Andres Gomez. Andres Gomez will be the co-C.E.O of the Company. Before assuming the position, he was serving as the Vice President of Mullen Lowe in Rio de Janeiro.

About Jose

Jose developed the passion for advertising from a young age. He pursued the advertising career path by working for various agencies. After gaining experience, Jose established the BorghiErh Creative Intelligence Company in 2002 in partnership with his friend Erh Ray. Lowe acquired the Company in 2006, and the name was changed to Borghi Lowe. The Company has received great recognition from the world and was ranked amongst the top advertising agencies in Brazil and learn more about Borghi.

Jose’s advertising career began at Ogilvy in 1989. Jose worked with other advertising Companies including DM9/DDB. He was the Vice President of Leo Burnett.

Jose has worked for different companies that have helped him gain experience. He served in major advertisers in the world including American Express, Honda, Asia Motors, Mercedez-Benz, and Mitsubishi. Due to his success, Jose has been recognized by his peers. He has won several awards throughout his career. Jose received 15 awards at the New York Festival, 12 awards at Clios, 11 awards at One Show, 20 awards at Lion Cannes, and Archive Editor held in 1999. He also received the Advertiser of the Year award at the 26th Columnists Awards held in Sao Paulo. Jose was later chosen as the Creation Professional of the Year at the 2009 Profession Contribution awards and contact him.

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The Quincy – A New Brunswick Miracle Shares Space With Sodom And Gomorrah


New Brunswick N.J. is well know for a sharply rising poverty rate with a decreasing income. However, New Brunswick is the home of the Quincy, one of the most exclusive new apartment complexes in New Jersey, near the center of historical New Brunswick. The luxury of the Quincy, with the back drop of poverty, is a sign of hope for the development of New Brunswick.


The amenities complement the luxury living which includes an upscale fitness center, bike room, pet spa, yoga facility, a doggie gym with its park, grilling facilities, coffee bar, roof top pool and ample garage space. The layout of the apartments,

ranging from studios to two bedrooms, compliment the view of the historic district, with its bay windows, wood floors, stainless steel, and quartz kitchen.


The Quincy shares space with the Financial and Arts District of New Brunswick. The Quincy is within walking of the New Jersey Transit and its entertainment area of restaurants and shops.


The Quincy Apartment complex is within shouting distance of New Brunswick’s crime area which contains crimes with guns, theft, and injuries with in an with inadequate security.


The crime rate has been punctuated by the May 7, 2013, incident in the Northern building, with over two hundred units, at Quincy Circle. A pizza delivery man was called to the Quincy to deliver a pizza. However, after speaking with residents, they denied calling for the pizza.


The man returned to his car with the undelivered pizza and three armed men were present. The men took the pizza, robbed and shot him. The suspect was found after the police received a telephone tip, and was charged with giving false information, obstruction of justice and an unlawful possession of a gun. Another gunshot victim was found, who was treated at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.


Another incident, at the Quincy, occurred on October 7, 2015. One person was shot, by a local gangster. In this incident, there were four shootings. The police found bullets during their investigation.


These incidents are a reminder that luxury apartments may change the look of a neighbor hood but do not change the quality of the neighbors who do not report crimes to the police.