Nourish and Moisturize Your Lips With Help From EOS

Indulge your lips in a nourishing experience with one of EOS’s star flavors. You have your choice across a huge span of flavors and color combinations this summer, including the aptly named Summer Fruit which promises an explosion of the sunny season’s nostalgia inducing scent and flavors that will take your mind immediately to the Caribbean with its natural fruit extracts specifically designed to make you think of sunbathing on the beach. Go check this out,

While on the subject of summer loving flavors, EOS offers fantastic multi-packs that differ in their flavor availability over the course of the seasons. You can get your hands on the limited edition Spring double pack that includes the coveted Visibly Soft Cucumber Melon, only available in this package deal. This special double daring combination also comes with the fan favorite smooth Coconut Milk flavor with an attractive light and airy pink capsule design.

If that’s not enough to pique your interest, EOS is also offering its Smooth Sphere/ Smooth Stick Multipack that includes four groundbreaking flavors that will last you the duration of the summer for a low price. That pack includes the popular Sweet Mint and Honeysuckle Honeydew, Summer Fruit, and a bonus Vanilla Bean flavored lip balm stick in a minimalist vanilla colored design, watch more here on

Aside from that, there’s still some Holiday Limited Edition two packs available, in case you didn’t get your hands on one during this last holiday season. If you’re an avid collector of these colorful pods, you’ll be happy to know that this twin pack includes Vanilla Bean and the special, refreshing flavor Winterberry. Who says Christmas can’t come early? Just like all the rest of the Evolution of Smooth’s lip balm products, these flavors are 100% gluten free and paraben free, so you know you’re getting only the quality stuff without the filler.

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