End Citizens United, a Visionary Organization that Champions for the Campaign Reforms

End Citizens United recently made it public that its members raised about $200,000 to support Rob Quist’s campaign. It was reported that on an average, its members contributed about $16 each. Rob received the endorsement in April 2017 for the MT-AL election. He was also supported because he is thought to be an independent minded person and the appropriate candidate for Montana.


End Citizens United supports Rob Quist’s campaign


Rob’s opponent Greg Gianforte, on the other hand, revealed that he would not take up PAC’s money. His confession was an indication of breaking the finance law that led to the withdrawal of funding. According to the news, Grey was left dependent on the money from special interest groups to fund his campaign. Rob has since continued to gain popularity among the voters after Greg was caught on tape explaining how he plans to support a bill that would act to take away healthcare from millions of Americans.


Following this shocking revelation, Rob received a $550,000 round of funding in just a few days. End Citizens United is among the organizations that are impressed by Rob’s policies and has endorsed his bid for Congress. End Citizens United in collaboration with members, donors, and local volunteers in Montana plan to support Rob to win the election. Greg was sued after violating an FEC’s rules that saw him raise funds through his joint fundraising committee. He also broke the promise he made to his electorates about accepting money from PAC.


End Citizens’ United projects to raise $35 million by 2018


End Citizens United has been keen on raising money ever since it was formed. In the first quarter of this year, End Citizens United was able to collect about $4 million. This organization is aiming at raising about $35 million before the 2018 Congress midterm elections. These plans are in line with the reports provided by USA TODAY. President Tiffany Muller said that End Citizens United has since received $40,000 from more than 100,000 new members. According to the senior officials, this money will be used to fund the campaigns of leaders who are backing campaign reforms. Since the year began, PAC has been able to raise $12 million. Among the things that have fueled the raising of the money is the election of President Donald Trump.


End Citizens United has played a significant role urging its members to raise $500,000 to support Jon Ossoff, a politician from Georgia. Ossoff has become famous among the electorates, and he has since been able to raise about $4 million. Muller revealed that End Citizens United is carefully examining the 2018 political trends to plan on whom to endorse. Among the politicians on their top list are Jon Tester and Sherrod Brown of Montana and Ohio respectively. End Citizens United is governed by strict policies that dictate that they can never accept more than $5,000 from one particular person.



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