Why Brian Bonar is a True Leader in Finance

The world of finance has always sparked a lot of interest and curiosity but most importantly, it’s about finding out who the real leaders are in the marketplace to watch. When the movie The Wolf of Wallstreet rolled out, millions were talking about the film and the portrayal of what it was like to work in the industry and amongst each other in top financial positions.

Brian Bonar is the exception, the leader of Trucept, Bonar has an extensive leadership background. His company, Dalrada Financial Corporation, founded in 1982, focuses on managing important issues as they relate to employees, their benefits and the administration behind it all.

There are numerous products that deliver capital and protection to the company, additionally they are helping big and small corporations find their way through red tape, and find viable solutions for increasing their bottom line while supporting the company and the employees with everything they need. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://xrepublic.net/2016/08/29/successful-entrepreneur-brian-bonar-continues-to-make-history/

Bonar has an extensive background in finance, and having served in a leadership position for many years, Brian Bonar also calls upon his background in education to help him grow benefits and aid in helping companies become stronger financially.

Having worked for IBM, Bonar was a procurement manager, giving him the training he needed to excel and do much more for companies than help them make money.

The management of assets and other funds are just as important, and having managed over 100 people while working with QMS, Bonar was able to hold his position with substantial success. Brian Bonar has continued to develop as a strong manager and investor in all companies he works with because of his dedication to learning specialty markets.

Bonar continues to work with mergers and acquisitions today and has what many refer to as the creative power of an architect. Brian is also an avid golfer and a dedicated family man, spending time with his wife and children as much as he can outside of the office.

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