The Traveling Vineyard Looks To Bring Success To Every Wine Guide

Almost everybody wants to find the perfect job that allows the opportunity to do something that is loved and with The Traveling Vineyard that opportunity has been made available with a role as a Wine Guide. Wine is a growing market in the U.S. as increasing numbers of consumers are being turned on to a new area of enjoyment in food and drinks; The Traveling Vineyard is looking to expand on this growing sector with a range of opportunities for every Wine Guide who can build a career or add a little extra money to their life with as little hassle as possible.

The Traveling Vineyard offers a range of benefits and options for every Wine Guide to enjoy, including an extensive range of training materials available Online and using food and drinks to learn about the nature of wine tasting. Alongside the skills learned in wine tasting each Wine Guide has the chance to work with an experienced member of The Traveling Vineyard team in their local area to get the benefit of their wine tasting experience, which can help a Guide avoid making some of the early mistakes that can be seen in any new position.

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What each person considering being a Wine Guide wants to know is how much money can be made from life working with The Traveling Vineyard. Around 35 percent of sales can be earned as a commission with a sliding scale used to assist a Guide in understanding how much commission they will receive from any sales made; as with all business options the bigger the sales completed the more commission made by the individual Guide. The Traveling Vineyard also rewards each Guide for their work by offering targets that can be reached and annual harvest events to reward those who have performed at the highest levels of sales for the company.

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