Meet Lime Crime’s Doe Deere, Beauty’s Unicorn Queen

Doe Deere, the founder and creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics is arguably one of the most gifted, innovative creators and quickly rising stars in the world of cosmetics. From her humble beginnings in her native land Russia, to her magnificent and meteoric rise to Internet fame in New York, when her amateur makeup line went viral, garnering her millions of adoring fans that rightfully catapulted Lime Crime to the top of the cosmetics industry, Doe Deere has proven herself time and time again as a force to be reconed with. Doe Deere, being the ultimate anomaly could cause you to overlook her validity in the world of cosmetics on paper, yet, it is quite easy to understand when you peek into her portfolio of exotic loose powders, lip shades and sparkly gloss why she is seen among the alternative, glam, punk communities as the Queen of Unicorns and why her contributions to the world of cosmetics and fashion have some labeling her amongst the brightest and forward thinking creators the world.


Unfortunately, whenever you observe any mainstream cosmetics companies selection, one of the most prominent color themes that you will find is that of muted tones. You will notice how the majority of all makeup is either muave, tan, taupe, creme or a very close relative. In the traditional community of cosmetics, you will very rarely see any of the type of exotic, neon inspired textures and pallets that dominate the Lime Crime portfolio. When comparing Doe Deere’s Lime Crime cosmetics those of the old guard, you will quickly discover that some people wear makeup to conceal flaws while others see makeup as a source of creativity, self-expression and inspiration. During the traditional makeup industries practices vs Lime Crimes practices, It’s easy to see how Doe Deere and her Lime Crime completely promotes the agenda of her fans.


When you think of how simple the idea is of adding neon pigment to traditional eyeshadows and lipsticks, the genius of Doe Deere and her Lime Crime Cosmetics can very easily be overlooked, yet Deere was smart enough to recognize that certain rules of the status quo had to be challenged in order for something as exotic as eyeshadow or purple lipstick to be seen as amongst the norm, so her developing a line around these exotic colors began as a a passion project that she expected to go nowhere, yet, once her art college friends fell in love with her makeup line, Doe Deere and Lime Crime Cosmetics found themselves going viral.


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