The Wessex Institute of Technology Is Transforming The Private Reearch Industry

The Wessex Institute of Technology is a research organization that works with both private and public entities. The organization was derived from the older organization Computational Mechanics Institute. Carlos A. Brebbia formed the group in 1986 in the South of England. The headquarters currently sits at the Ashurst Lodge in the New Forest National Park.

The research of the Wessex Institute is in collaboration with European and American Universities. The institute organizes funding and employment from private and government entities. They mainly work with the University of the West of England and other universities in Spain and Italy.

In addition to their great research efforts, they also organize a large amount of annual conferences. These scientific conferences offer solutions and discussions of our societal issues. Poverty, climate change, population growth, preservation of infrastructure and increasing the efficiency of transportation are all critical issues. There are new at least 25 annual conferences that are held at associated universities.

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