Shea Butter and The Many Benefits it Provides


Shea butter has so many benefits for the body that allows it to continue to be one of the best moisturizers available on the planet. Shea butter moisturizes the skin and often does so without any additional ingredients. It is something that everyone, no matter who they are, have in their skincare regime.


Eugenia Shea offers shea butter for everyone who wants to reap the benefits of it. The company has come together to make sure that shea butter is easy for nearly anyone to access and to ensure that people are able to use it to moisturize and nourish their skin. The company wants women (and men) around the world to be able to get what they need from shea butter. Eugenia Shea is a company dedicated only to their clients and to the people that they help out with the shea butter.  Find them online at


The company was one that was founded, not on a profit basis, but for much purer reasons. Eugenia shea is a company that is run by a mother-daughter team. They work together on everything from the approval to acquiring shea to marketing to their customers. They want to make sure that everyone is able to use it. The team was created with an idea from the daughter when she found out that her mother had cancer: she wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. The best way, they found, was to do it marketing a product that they both knew a great deal about: shea butter.


Whether shea butter is being used to shave with, as a skin care necessity or as a product to revive lackluster locks, it should be incorporated into nearly every beauty routine. The team behind Eugenia has made sure that their shea butter is as pure as possible and that it is able to provide clients with the benefits that they expect from shea butter. Gone are the days that shea butter is only used in lotions and hand creams. It is now an all-around beauty accessory that should be included in nearly everything that clients do for their beauty routine.

The New Establishment Summit of 2016 Has Invited Kyle Bass To Speak

The New Establishment Summit of 2016 will take place in San Francisco on October 19th and 20th. The Summit features speakers and industry leaders in a variety of areas; from media to technology and finance. Most notably this year, the 2016 Summit is set to feature the reclusive CEO of as well as the Vice President of Apple. One of the surprises of the 2016 Summit will be speaker Kyle Bass, a billionaire financier originally based out of Argentina.

Kyle Bass has close ties to the president of Argentina. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has been a historically poor leader. She has lead Argentina into financial default twice. Thirteen years was all the time it took for her to do so. Yet throughout both financial defaults, Kyle Bass has continued to support her. This doesn’t seem to make sense, until one considers that Kyle Bass regularly profits from the losses of big-ticket agencies. Consider CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD uses politics, special interest groups, petitions, lawsuits, and whatever is necessary in order that big-ticket pharmaceutical companies be forced into lowering the prices of their drugs. When prices are decimated as per CAD’s designs, the pharmaceuticals in question suffer substantial stock loss on Wall Street. In the end, Kyle Bass short sells his holdings with these pharmaceuticals whom his group CAD has forced into economic decline. He makes millions, the pharmaceutical companies can’t support internal departments like R&D, and the sick lose future breakthroughs.

Bass is perhaps best known for his role in the 2008 financial meltdown of the United States. Bass bet against Wall Street’s sub-prime lending practices and made a fortune. He also became internationally known as a successful financier.

Currently Bass is a hedge fund manager of Hayman Capital Management of Austin, Texas. Though the fund performs average-at-best when compared to hedge funds of a similar class, Bass still has the eye of the media, and is not loathe to use that pull. With his speaking engagement at the 2016 New Establishment Summit, it appears Bass will now have even more pull than he did before.